More 3D Work

Hey Guys,

I am back with some more 3D modeling progress. I spent yesterday and today continuing to model because our engine/editor is still in the works. But it is no big deal because I really enjoy modeling and am already getting better. Now I just need to continue to get better but also get faster.

So at the beginning of yesterday i got cocky and thought I would try out a full body char without any more tutorials. I ended up regretting it and realized that I was attempting to do to much to fast. My main mistake was that I was trying to add details before I really got the main shape down. To make a long story short things got complicated to quickly and I knew I was doing it the wrong way, and that there was most likely a better method. I have place some images below.

You probably cant tell but I was going for a robin hood type character. I tried doing some details to the chest and it really just made it unmanageable, especially for being in such an early state.

I then tried another character and once I got the basic shaped down I started trying to add details to the face, but again it made the other parts of the body hard to work with so I realized it was time to either watch a tutorial, look at some other more experienced artists models or watch an artist work on youtube. I did all of them and I really think it helped. You can see my failed attempt below. I was trying for a young boy in this image.

After watching some tutorials, looking at some other models, learning about topology and watching other artists work I came up with this. Its still a wip but overall its looking pretty good. I still have a lot of stuff to do but I thought I would share my early progress today. Its another elvish type character. I think its looking good but there is still a lot to do.

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3D Work First Look!

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would drop by with a quick update. We are almost done with our engine/editor (should be done tomorrow) so that means you guys should see an increase of game releases shortly. Since I am pretty far ahead art wise I have been looking into some other things I have been wanting to learn until the editor is done.

So last night I spent some time watching some tutorials and dabbling in 3D. At first it  was pretty intimidating, (why I havent done it before) but I have found its pretty easy to grasp once you learn your way around the blender interface. I have in no way mastered this program, but I can now model things with a lot more ease than when I initially started. Today I modeled a character head without going off of a tutorial and I am pretty happy with how it came out. I kind of had an elvish humanoid in mind when doing it. Still no hair but I plan to get back to it soon.

From here I want to do some environment stuff (buildings, terrain, trees ect..), and then model a whole character and animate a run cycle. Im pretty excited and hope to hit you guys with another update soon.

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