This Is My Planet

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know we have another branch here at Iconic Games and they actually just released there second game. (Pirates Keep was their first) Its a tank shooter which is a ton of fun so you guys should check it out. Link is placed below.

This Is My Planet

Thats the link to newgrounds so be sure to vote. For those of you interested to know we are bouncing around ideas of having a different branding/studio name to represent the style of games released by this other Iconic Games branch. Let us know your thoughts on this because we are heavily considering this.

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Marty Progress

Hello Everyone,

Its been a couple weeks since I have posted. I have been really busy finishing up everything for Marty. I went through and designed all 30 levels for the game, added in new assets that are needed and then animated the games intro scene. The levels took about 4 days and was incredibly stressful.  The scene was a lot of work and actually took over 24 hours spread across 2 days.  But I had it mostly planned out so it was easy to just work from my notes and hammer it out.

I was hoping to have the game up for bidding on FGL already but things are going slowly. All the art is essentially finished except the games final scene. Which should take no longer then a day.

At this point its really up in the air to when the game will be up for bidding and its eventual release. I’m hoping for the best but I haven’t heard from Marty’s coder in 3-4 days and last I saw the game was in a working prototype stage that needed some changes/fixes.  So I have no clue how everything is going on that end. Hopefully everything is all fixed and he has started to implement levels.

I have posted an image from the intro scene below. This is my favorite one because it actually makes me laugh. It is in the middle of Marty envisioning his planet being destroyed and displays a girl screaming as the “Monster Planet” attempts to devour the planet.

For all of you who have been following the Iconic Games blog I cant thank you enough. Those of you who comment and visit the site really motivate me to work hard. Its nice to know there are people out there who notice and appreciate all your hard work. (and like it!) Without you guys it would be difficult to continue. As always fell free to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Marty Work

Hello Everyone,

Its been a week or so since I have posted. That is because I have been working non stop on Marty in hopes of wrapping up all the art assets asap. I’m nearing the end and although its taking longer then expected I think overall it is taking a very nice shape that will most likely be one of my most impressive looking games to date. I only really have the main menu, level select screen, and the intro/outro animations left for the game. Once those are done I will be finalizing all level designs and puzzles.

Below I have posted an image of the start screen. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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New Game Work!

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would update today with news of what has been going on over at Iconic Games. The game editor/engine Peter has been working on is still in the works but it looks like it will be ready at some point this week. So we are making progress which is always good. Once that’s done all of these games I have been showing should start getting released at a rapid rate.

I had an old coder friend contact me about doing a quick project. He had a cool concept he had came up with. Originally it was something fairly basic but I felt it needed some more life put into it and have added a lot of my own ideas. Although its nothing particularly “new” I think I have a few ideas that would definitely make it more fresh. Its certainly something we don’t usually see in casual games or in flash. (in my opinion)  Im hoping to be done with all art and level design this week and hopefully have it up for bidding the following week. I’m currently planning to have anywhere from 25-30 levels, complete with enemies and puzzles (maybe even a boss). With the concept it should be relatively easy to come up with some nice ideas for that. Below I have posted some art for the game. Keep a look out for updates! 😀
 I was obviously inspired by Mario Galaxy, Luigi’s Mansion and Angry Birds space (never played angry birds space, but I have seen videos) when starting this. I think its pretty apparent. Still lots of stuff to do but it shouldn’t be to long.
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Game Progress

Sorry its been awhile since I have updated. Been really busy with a lot of different things.  Since I last posted I have worked on Spirit Void and started a new project. After speaking the Peter (Iconic Games coder). I have decided to do a quick 2 week project while he finishes up some exams and such.

So far I think the project is looking very promising and sleek.

The game is titled as “Pure Stealth”. I borrowed the title from another game I never finished (multiple times) back in the day. The game was drastically different from what I have here. (still a stealth game though) Its very much inspired by Metal Gear, Splinter Cell and Dead Space. Although I hope to keep it my own and really impress our players.

I’ve posted some images below of the older and the newer version of the game.

Here you can see the old title screen I made back in the day. Its pretty simple but appealing to look at in my opinion. With the gear rotating I felt it had a nice touch.

Here is the new title screen. I did borrow some ideas from the older one but over all the newer version is much more appealing. The gear rotates and the hexagons in the background flash at random. Not to mention there is a “Click To Start” text fading in and out. The game also transitions very nicely from screen to screen.  That’s all I have got for today. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment. 



Sorry been really busy and havent been able to update as much as I like. We have been working on spirit void this past week and really been focusing on the story and levels. I think its all really coming together nicely and we hope to have a significant update soon. I personally would like to show a video of the game in action, but only time will tell.

In other news I was pleasantly surprised to see that NG added Dungeon Breaker to the featured games on front page.

It actually really made my day because I was beginning to think we were overlooked and its not a good feeling. You can see our game on the bottom row 3rd game over. Show us your support by going over to the site and checking it out.

Also for those of you who forgot we have another game we released before Dungeon Breaker and it is still actually doing very well. So I suggest going over and checking out Archers Oath.

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Daily 2nd on Newgrounds

Sorry its been awhile since I have posted. I’ve been really busy with a ton of different things. I actually uploaded Dungeon Breaker to Newgrounds and have been watching its progress like a hawk the entire time.(not like it will do me any good) Luckily it wasn’t a disappointment and we managed to pull of a daily 2nd. Its not a 1st place but I am definitely proud! After my long gap in games last year its nice to feel like im on the right track. I hope this is an indication of how our games will do from here on and I look forward to what the future brings.  You can see the game here.

As always stay updated through facebook/twitter on all iconic games related news. I will also have more information on spirit void next week. We are currently working on level designs and hope to have that portion of the development phase wrapped up soon.

New Game Release! Dungeon Breaker

Just wanted to drop by real fast and post about our latest game release! Our sponsors over at have been great. The game was our first project to us our custom game editor and engine.  Be sure to head on over there and check it out.

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Day 5! Reveal Game Name, Spirit Void

Another long day today. Didn’t get as much as I wanted done but I did a few really cool things here and there.

Instead of showing you guys some more little things I have done today I thought I would explain some details about the game and actual game play. We have decided on the name of the game and its going to be “Spirit Void”.  The name was chosen because of the elements involved in the story and game play. The game is going to be very story driven and cinematic. I want to tell a very in depth story and attempt to draw in the players as much as possible with atmosphere and cinematics.  The game will also feature a unique/beautiful art style that incorporates a sense of realism along with cartoon like elements which can be seen in the images below.

The game is going to be classified as a realistic physics platformer with heavy puzzle elements, mystery and an in depth story. I hope to really raise the bar personally with this project and to make something no one has really played before. Game play wise you will have the ability to control multiple objects, items and machinery. This will be used in such a way to draw people in and feel very accomplished once a puzzle is solved or an area is completed, and also keep things fresh as you go. The game will also include a time travel type mechanic which I think will heavily effect the game play and puzzles.  You will be able to alter the present and interact with the past as most would expect. (more on that in a later post) Thats all I will be sharing for now but keep visiting the site and I follow the development of our latest projects.

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Day 4 Post

Wow, Today has been a long day. Its 10:30 Pm and I have been at it since 11 this morning. I almost finished everything I wanted to get done today. Just missing one small piece that I plan to get tomorrow. Right now I am mainly working on all the miscellaneous items in the background that will help build the atmosphere/experience of the game.  I think its coming along nicely personally but feel there is still a lot more variety needed so each level will be unique and fun. This way I hope to make sure the game does not become repetitive in appearance.

Below I have posted the latest image of the game. I personally like the painting I have made, but some people think it doesn’t fit the game. I would love to hear peoples thoughts and collect some constructive feedback. Well I am off for now, but I plan to be back tomorrow with an update of the game.

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